My name is Britt Breider, 28 years old and currently living in Amsterdam. Recently graduated from AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute BA International course Fashion and Design.


My design identity is based on individuality and self expression. My work is the reflection of my state of mind. I follow my intuition. There is a strong feeling for simplicity with unusual details. A nice balance is the key to my work. I will always balance between two extremes. Refinement is more important than obscure inventive design.

It is all in the little things in life. Traveling, listening to music,

going to exhibitions and museums, but also finding your own perspective in books for example. For me that is most important.


I try to appreciate where I am. I still have a lot to learn and a lot to improve, but being in a position where I am able to create is more than I could wish for. My ultimate goal is the freedom to keep on exploring and expanding and to do what I love.